OPSIS Care - An Advanced Center for RSI, WRMSD'S and Childhood Disability.
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- An Advanced Center for RSI, WRMSD'S and Childhood Disability.

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OPSIS Care is an acronym that represents the medical conditions we treat and the facilities we provide:

P- Physiotherapy
S –Services for
I – Idiopathic Pain and
S - Strain

OPSIS Care is a unique medical centre specialising in the prevention, assessment, treatment and research of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and other Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD), and various Childhood Disabilities.

We are dealing with health care professionals to help and maximize our patients’ quality of life and facilitate their return to work and other usual activities following injury, illness or surgery.

Patient benefit is by receiving care from a team of professionals with advanced knowledge and training in innovative and complex rehabilitation practices.

As a leader in specialized rehabilitation care, we have a full spectrum of skills to treat short and long-term health and disability concerns.

The need for OPSIS Care

OPSIS Care provides a comprehensive one-stop prevention and treatment package for RSI and other neuromusculoskeletal disorders

The Specialist Physical Therapist led rehabilitation team ensures an accurate diagnosis, assessment, a clear-cut treatment plan and effective communication among the team members. OPSIS Care is one of the rare medical Centre in Gujarat to offer specialized and skilled hands-on manual therapy (or myotherapy).

Our ACTIVELY AGEING PROGRAMME is designed to do exactly that. Educate and show us all how to continue into our late3r years with an active and healthy mind and body. Over a period of four weeks, under the direct supervision of highly experienced Physiotherapists, participants are guided through a series of exercise and education modules that can then be continued in the comfort of their own home.

A cook book approach does not work in the treatment of Neuromusculoskeletal Disorders: each case is unique and requires individualised attention to specific symptoms, the extent of damage and all the risk factors. Frequently, a combination of treatment modalities is required, in a holistic environment.

Why you should opt for OPSIS Care

 The Practice offers a friendly, roomy and professional environment, enabling patients of all ages to feel comfortable and unhurried by an experienced physiotherapists and ancillary staff.
 Credible, with over 15000 success stories within a few month
 Proprietary and specific treatment protocol for each condition, scientifically validated by Interantional peers
 Fast pain releif
 95% documented and published success rate
 State-of-the-Art Facility
 Complementary session
 Holistic and Evidence Based Treatment approach
 Lasting recovery due to attention towards predisposing factors (e, g, posture, stress, nutrition, habitual deep muscle tension, medicla co-morbidites) instead of just symptomatic relief
 Open 365 days from 9 am to 9 pm

Recent event took place:

1>An awareness talk on “The Truth about Muscle Pain” was taken on 4th July , 2014 at Diwalipura Garden by Dr Dharmesh and the response was very good.

2> Free Physiotherapy Camp held at OPSIS Care, Diwalipura on 9th July, 2014 showing condolence and respect to my beloved father.


“I was having Low Back Pain and I underwent Physiotherapy treatment for 1 week. The Physiotherapy procedure was painless and eventually I feel better. Good manual technique done by Dharmesh Contractor”
-- Mrs. Shilpa (GM, Vadodara)

“The Awareness talk on Office Ergonomics done by Dharmesh Contractor, helped many employee in preventing muscle ache and pain, hence they feel relax after following the tips given”
--Mr Amol (HSE Manager, Honeywell, Pune)

“Great Service. Had a great skills of Physiotherapy treatment and good facility in health care concern with musculoskeletal and pain management. Thanks to Dr Dharmesh for effective treatment”
---MrArpan(Senior Lecturer in Sumandeep College, Vadodara)

Our Team

Dr Dharmesh A Contractor (PT), Consultant in Physiotherapy, Ergonomics, Yoga, and Acupuncture, heads OPSIS Care. The Physiotherapist: Dr Dharmesh Contractor is having more than 8 years of clinical experience and cover all musculo-skeletal conditions and his special interests range through Sports Physiotherapy, Elderly care, Acupuncture, Spinal Care, Pediatric and Childhood Rehabilitaion, Core+Pelvic Floor to Actively Ageing Exercises, Yoga therapy and Education Classes on Ergonomics both for Corporates and Patient’s welfare.

Everyone are welcome…

OPSIS Care has a multi-disciplinary approach of highly trained, qualified, experienced, certified and reputed Professionals.

The treatment is provided in both hospital setup and community setting and has a specialist practitioner in the following areas:

 Respiratory
 Neurological rehabilitation
 Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
 Childhood Disabilities
 Orthopedics Rehabilitation
 Sports Injury Rehabilitation
 Women’s health
 Post-surgical Rehabilitation
 Geriatric Care
 Musculoskeletal conditions
 Trigger Point Therapy
 Alexander technique
 Taping technique
 Myotherapy
 Desensitization therapy
 Craniosacral Therapy (osteopathy)
 Postural Correction
 Work Assessment and Risk Analysis
 Occupational Therapy
 Ergonomics and Corporate Wellness.

And all these service are provided with utmost care and the interesting thing is that, all these are done under one roof.

Our Treatment Approach

Assessment: Dr. Dharmesh evaluates all patients before proposing an individualised treatment plan.

Treatment modalities include Myotherapy or trigger point therapy, myofascial release, active release, muscle energy techniques, positional release techniques, craniosacral technique, soft tissue and articular mobilisation, spinal mobilisation (Mulligan, Maitland), neural mobilisation, taping (Kinesio and Endura), integrated neuromuscular inhibition technique, and adjunctive techniques. Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Yoga, Stress Management, Breathing and Relaxation Techniques, postural correction, Physical/Occupational Therapy (strength training, aerobic conditioning, and muscle reeducation) are also used, where appropriate.

Ergonomic furniture and accessory recommendations.

Education and correction of contributory and perpetuating factors for RSI/MSD (posture, diet, stress, habits, etc.).

Exercises are prescribed individually for maintenance.

Follow up of treatment.

Documentation of the assessment, treatment and outcome is done meticulously and confidentially.

We try to recondition the entire affected extremity and back, and the way people work, including workload, posture, ergonomics, strength, stamina, flexibility, and overall health. Unless all the predisposing factors are identified and systematically addressed, complete recovery from RSI would be unlikely.


Electrical modalities: (TENS, Ultrasound, Interferential Current, Muscle and Nerve stimulator)
Resistive strengthening equipment
Balance and proprioceptive training equipment
Core stability equipment
Neuro developmental therapy unit


Directly in-person or by phone to arrange an initial appointment.
Through a referral by a physician or other health care provider.

OPSIS Care places an emphasis on continuing education, research and partnerships
With other health and wellness providers to ensure that all our patients have timely access to high quality health and community services.

OPSIS Care: Healing Hands & Rehabilitation Centre

Believes in treating the whole person by addressing not only people’s physical conditions, but also their emotional, psychological and spiritual needs.

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